Lancashire Mining Museum on Peaky Blinders

The Lancashire Mining Museum was used for location shooting in June of this year for an episode of the BBC2 series Peaky Blinders. The scenes were part of episode 2 from the current series, The screen grabs were provided by Ben Smith on a Facebook post.

Post production has added the smokey chimneys in the background to give a wonderful atmospheric setting to our magnificent headgear.

To make it even better after visiting the site, Alan Shaw the set dresser and designer from the series, has joined us as a volunteer. He is currently leading the team refurbishing our old museum into an old miners cottage and tea room and will also be designing our new underground experience in the future. He is already making a massive difference to the site and we thank him for his support.


Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 03.52.41.pngBen smiths photograph.jpg