Winding Engine Running- Sunday 27th September at 2.00pm

We will be running the engine again on  Sunday 27th September for approx 1 hour from 2pm. Why not come along and bring the family to see the 3300Hp winding engine running. Make sure you come early with your cameras etc to get pictures and videos of this giant winding engine in action. We are running the engine on compressed air and due to Covid19 and social distancing requirements admission may be limited but the extended running time should allow all visitors to see it.

The pit closed in 1970 and the engine was left to rust until taken over by the Red Rose steam Society in 1982 and after 30 years of work, finally got it back into working condition. We believe it is the largest steam winding engine still operational in Europe ( if not the world )

Bring the family and look round the museum. Explore the grounds to find out what the future plans for the site are. Talk to our volunteers.

It takes between £30.00 and £ 50.00 of fuel to start up the compressors for the engine. Admission is free but the museum and site depends solely on Donations to meet the cost of running the engine.

There are donation boxes on site. Please consider donating whatever you can afford to help us keep the site running.

If you want to experience the thrill of driving the 450ton 3300hp engine why not consider our Engine Driving experience day. Details to book are at the bottom of the page  

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